Preventive Maintenance Program

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Preventive Maintenance for Your Home Garage Doors

Garage doors are the largest and heaviest moving object in your home. As much as we like to think  of them as something that can be left alone,  garage doors contain many moving parts that require inspection and routine service to prevent  wear and tear.
Rowe Door Sales Co. offers a residential  garage door Preventive Maintenance Program to provide for the safe and proper operation of your home’s garage doors.
A small investment in regular preventive maintenance is one of the best things you can do to keep your garage door looking its best and working reliably for the long-term.
We can never guarantee that your door will not break or fail. However, Preventive Maintenance should extend the life of all the parts and our PM contract entitles you to a discount on service and parts.

What Your PM Covers:

Þ Technicians will use a detailed (15) point PM Garage Door & Opener Safety Checklist from the Rowe Door Safety Program & will note any safety issues or needed repairs. Checklist will be reviewed with homeowner and a copy will be supplied with service call receipt.
Þ Servicing of doors includes tightening or replacement of malfunctioning bolts and nuts, lubrication of rollers, pulleys, hinges and adjustments of springs & cables
Þ Servicing of openers includes adjustment of electric door openers, tightening of chain, setting limit switches and lubrication of the entire drive mechanism where necessary.
Þ Keypad and transmitter batteries are checked and replaced free (up to 2 batteries) during time of service, if needed.
Þ Any necessary repair or replacement options will be discussed with the homeowner prior to the performing of additional service.
(PM) = Preventive Maintenance

Program Benefits:

Þ Receive one FREE service check-up between  10-14 months of sign-up. 
Þ Basic Program includes up to 1 Door + 1 Opener. **
Þ 10 % Discount on additional Repair Service & Standard Parts. ***
Þ Discounts on all complete Replacement Equipment. ***
Þ Extended Equipment Life.
Þ Improved Home Safety.

 (As of Nov. 2018 & subject to change without notice).

** Each additional door is $40 & opener is $20.

*** Customer will receive discounts only if yearly service program contract is maintained.

This contract will automatically renew & payment will be collected at time of renewal unless canceled.

Contract is non-transferable/non-refundable.

Customer may cancel unused contract at any time.